Dry-Clean and Laundry Plants

We supply industrial laundry equipment, dry-cleaning and steam-finishing machinery to the MENA (Lebanese, Middle-Eastern, and North-African) region.  Click here to see our photo gallery

Completed Projects:


  • Ain el Zouk Cleaners, Zouk Mikael
  • Al Jamhour Cleaners, Jamhour
  • Al Marjeh Restaurant, Kleiat
  • Al Najah Cleaners, Hamra
  • Al Siwan Restaurant, Meyrouba
  • Bahou Cleaners, Sin El Fil
  • Batroun Modern Laundry, Batroun
  • Bekaa Pressing, Zahleh
  • Bubbles Cleaners, Jal El Dib
  • Classy Dry-Clean, Achrafieh
  • ECC Cleaners, Beit Mery
  • Ecole Hoteliere, Dekwaneh
  • Future Cleaners, Channel 7 Road
  • Grand Lebanese Laundry, Carlton
  • Hariri's Residence, Kuraytem
  • Hawa Chicken, Safra
  • Magic Cleaners, Halba
  • Mar Takla Cleaners, Hazmieh
  • MDC Cleaners 2, Fanar
  • North Laundry, Mastita
  • Patisserie De L'Amitie, Kaslik
  • Press Matic Cleaners,Al Ferzol
  • Sheraton Hotel, Beirut
  • St. George Laundry, Adonis
  • St. Rock Cleaners, Hazmieh
  • White Cat Laundry, Brumanna
  • Zina Cleaners, Kfarhabab


  • A&C General Trading, Erbil,Iraq
  • Al Moaibed Carlton Hotel, Saudi Arabia


  • Afro Dry Clean, Ghana
  • Darycet International Laundry, Port Harcourt, Nigeria
  • Health Club and Spa, Nigeria
  • Rocky Sporting Club, Lagos, Nigeria